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When you work with the best, you get the best. An insurance review costs you nothing. Industry knowledge matters, and we have it. We’ll review your coverage, no cost, no pressure. Get an insurance review – and then you’ll know.

You’re known for the company you keep.

They say you’re known for the company you keep, but in our world, it’s the insurance providers who are quite particular about the agencies they keep. The providers who have the most to offer understand that quantity is not a viable goal. They choose exclusivity, and focus on doing business with elite agencies of the highest integrity – like Dacey.

Our relationships with our partners – industry leaders with stellar reputations – are the result of careful examination that comes from both sides. Our goal is always to partner with providers who have stood the trials of time, and remain A-rated. Dacey invests in relationships over product. In companies who can promise only the highest level of confidentiality for our clients. Companies we would trust with the wellbeing of our own families.

The Homework

Mike and his team tackle a crushing load of homework in order to keep current on an industry that never stops changing. For us, it’s all about the right fit, keeping our focus on companies whose reputations – with the public and within the industry – are stellar. Our monitoring of providers, trends and projections is constant. We spend countless hours in conversation, send hundreds of emails, write detailed business plans and sit across the table regularly, to lay a foundation of mutual commitment. Then we build your safety, peace of mind and well-being on it.

All In, All The Way.

As past president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island, and someone who has lobbied Congress on their behalf, Mike Dacey remains a respected member of the state’s insurance community. Insurance carriers and colleagues alike know that his trifecta of qualifications – insurance agent, attorney and CPA – make Mike and his team highly respected in the insurance community.