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Mike Dacey’s name is on the door for a reason.

dacey-insurance-east-greenwich-riAfter earning a law degree and becoming a Certified Public Accountant, Mike could have pursued either – or both – of those careers. But you could say that risk management is in Mike’s DNA, and as clients of Dacey Insurance will attest, his three-in-one perspective is what sets us apart.

Mike is the son of an insurance professional. His father, Thomas Dacey, made a difference to thousands of people over a 50-year career at one of the largest – and oldest – agencies in the state. He took care of families through two, sometimes three generations. He helped countless businesses to flourish, with his sharp expertise in bonding. As Mike remembers, “Insurance was just a part of our family. I can remember sitting on one side of the dining room table, doing my homework, with my father on the other side, making calls to his clients. I absorbed a lot of information over the years, but mostly, I learned how to take care of customers.”

A Different Kind of Family

Fast forward to 2007 when Mike began Dacey Insurance with a staff of four. In the years since, Mike has assembled an incredible group of high achievers who he trusts to represent the Dacey legacy. Every team member has been hand chosen not just for their expertise, but also for the high value they place on integrity. Our open-door office is a place of collaboration, where we all work as a team on your behalf, led by Mike’s deep perspective and wisdom. He’s a masterful listener, cautious and analytical by nature. Mike Dacey sets the bar high, taking an active role to oversee the day-to-day operations that translate to the big picture. “I believe in continuing education and training for myself, and my team. It’s one way I make sure everyone here feels respected,” he says. “It drives us to excel.”

It Is What It’s Not

Dacey’s approach to writing insurance can best be described by what it’s not. It’s not formula quoting, or cookie cutter anything. It’s not about volume – sending one email to multiple providers, gathering as many quotes as possible. While we always have cost effectiveness in mind, it’s not shopping by cost alone. Or leaving out details that matter, rushing, or selling you coverage you don’t need. It’s not putting sales goals above customer service. And it’s definitely not checking you off a list once you sign on the dotted line. If you do have a claim, we take our fiduciary role seriously, standing alongside you, and working diligently toward a timely and fair resolution.

We are a Trusted Choice Independent Agency. As an independent agency, our loyalty is to you. Let’s sit down and talk about your big picture. It’s not about writing a policy for you. It’s about trust. Let us review your policies. We’ll be honest.