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Let us establish or increase your Bond Program. Do you want to bid public work? Talk to us about Bonds. There is no obligation or cost for a Bond Program review. We’ll even meet nights or weekends to discuss your Bond Program. We are bonding experts, here to make the process easy for you. Let our expert team handle your bonding needs.

Bonding is a contractor’s lifeline.

Bonding is a contractor’s lifeline. But it can be a complex web, with a stunning array of moving parts: complicated legalese, financial scrutiny, obligations, tight deadlines, requirements, background checks and more. If you’ve ever applied for a bond, you know that list is not overstated.

Dacey Insurance can help with a full range of bond types. The most common are:

  • Contract bonds are three-party contracts, which provide assurance to a project owner that the contractor will perform a project according to the terms of the agreement. Bonds are the lifelines that connects a contractor to profitable work, so it’s important to have an experienced bond agent working for you.
  • Commercial Bonds are agreements which protect businesses, and are generally required by State Law. They can be issued to support licenses and permits, court proceedings or subdivision construction.

Securing bonds of any kind requires focus, knowledge and partners you trust, and that’s everything the Dacey team offers.

Confidentiality Is a Cornerstone

The application process for procuring bonds requires the transmission – electronically or by fax – of your personal, financial and legal documents. On job sites or at the local coffee shop, we know you sometimes rub shoulders with your competition. You may know the same people, and bid on the same projects. In Dacey’s company culture, we recognize the potential risk of these situations. To us, business information is personal information – and all of it is held in the strictest confidence. Our protocols for privacy are not just in place, they’re in practice – and uncompromising. This reverence for confidentiality isn’t just to meet industry guidelines, but to reflect our own ethical code.

Bonding Program Reviews

Even if you’re comfortable with your existing bond status, it’s just good business to see how it stands up to examination by someone with a critical eye and fresh perspective – to broaden your options, or have a backup plan in place. Mike Dacey has all the qualifications to be on your team, starting with a dedicated, meet-you-on-a-Saturday commitment to the success of your business. He’s happy to give you guidance on increasing the size of your bond program, reviewing bonding requirements and getting you a preferred bonding rate. You’ll receive his informed feedback, without a trace of sales pressure. Because that’s good business, too.

Here’s Why

It warrants repeating that Mike Dacey’s background as an attorney and CPA – though he’s not actively practicing either discipline – positions him as a unique partner when applying for bonds on your behalf. Can you imagine the critical eye he brings to the financial documents presented in your application? How he’s able to suggest ways to manage costs and increase your rating? Mike is able to translate complex contracts, raising flags if there are too many conditions or unnecessary risk. These skills are what a partner, rather than a paper pusher, brings to your company.

Having particular and focused expertise in bonding is what elevates an agency to a leadership position. Some agencies farm your bid out to the large companies to get a quote – without presenting details, documentation and context – requires little preparation. This kind of cookie cutter quoting plugs into “one formula for all,” and focuses on one goal – to arrive at a number and get you to “sign here.”

Mike Dacey touches every phase of the process, from first handshake through finalizing your bond program. He and his team are immersed in the complex and constantly changing landscape of bonding. Mike devotes time getting to know your company. Beyond that, the scope of his knowledge embraces the trends and projections for your industry.