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Getting an insurance review is smart business. Let us make sure you have the best carrier and the best price. Do you know what’s not in your policy? We do. Has your coverage kept up with changes in your business? The difference between good coverage and great coverage? Surprising!

Business as usual is never usual.

Business as usual is never usual. Especially in today’s demanding, fast paced, ever changing, marketplace, managing the moving parts of a company can be daunting. Whether you’re service- or product-based, whether you’re large or small, you are doing business in a world that’s spinning very fast. The challenge to succeed requires you to be diligent, nimble and even a little overprotective.

As a business owner, attorney, CPA and insurance professional, Mike Dacey has a perspective that’s invaluable. Although he is not a practicing lawyer or CPA, it’s nearly impossible for him not to see your business through his many lenses. These unique qualifications allow him to translate legalese, point out exclusions and see liabilities. You could say that Mike understands financial risks, from the inside out. Sharing his depth of expertise is an elite team of seasoned insurance pros, chosen for their own multi-faceted knowledge of business and industry.

Complex Challenges

Take note that today’s media platforms – TV and online ads – showcase dozens of insurance ads, but most of them speak to individuals. The reason is simple: business insurance is complex. The sheer number of optional coverages – from inventory loss to crime insurance to group life – is proof that crafting solid protection requires solid experience.

  • Has your agent made time to meet with you, not just to discuss the coverages you have but also the exclusions, which could be just as important?
  • As your business has grown, and perhaps expanded into new areas, has your coverage kept pace?
  • Have you been made aware of optional coverages like Cyber Liability, Data Breach and Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Business is business, whether you’re a one-person operation or a multi-location giant with hundreds of employees. Either way, Dacey strives to be the perfect fit for insurance protection that works.

When a Pandemic Hits, Business Insurance Gets Serious

In the first months of 2020, with little warning, coronavirus stopped the world from turning. In the silence, businesses far and wide continue to be profoundly affected in multiple ways – first and most obviously, financially. They have scrambled to shift operations from the office to homes, and a lot of sensitive data went along, too, “spreading” highly confidential information over multiple home networks.

While we’re reluctant to use the global pandemic as an example, all of us at Dacey see it as an unfortunate reminder of how critical comprehensive business insurance is. We have fielded a flood of calls, emails and texts from panicked business owners, wondering why their insurance agent hadn’t brought up business interruption/loss-of-income insurance. In our many conversations, we’ve had to talk about issues like data security, financial solvency and across-the-board contingencies. During such unprecedented times, the challenge to keep a business together highlights the value of vision – a value Dacey holds in the highest esteem.