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Protect the ones you love. Life insurance is your final love letter. You have life insurance? Is it enough? What happens if you are unable to work? As your family grows, your insurance should, too.

What will your love letter promise?

What will your love letter promise? In the context of insurance, a love letter is your profound gesture to care for the people in your life – and more importantly, in your heart. A love letter says, “No matter what the future holds, you’ll be okay.” But life is often complicated, so preparing for hardship or tragedy requires careful and experienced guidance. In a complex and demanding world, taking care of your family often requires more than a traditional life insurance policy that pays out once, then disappears.

Mike Dacey and his team know very well that discussing such serious issues like death, illness and long term care can be uncomfortable. There is, however, one thing tougher than thinking about them, and that’s not thinking about them. We’ll dig deep to craft coverage that suits your family, lifestyle and budget, making you aware of many potentially important protections.

  • What if you become disabled and can’t work for a few months? Or a year? How will the bills be paid?
  • If you pass away unexpectedly, would your family be protected? Would college for your children still be an option?

You may have written some beautiful love letters in your life, but this one is the most important by far. With calm forethought and sensitivity, we at Dacey will help you compose it. The peace of mind you’ll have when it’s signed and delivered? That’s close to priceless.

“Thinking about adversity is the last thing anyone wants to do. But preparing for it is one of the most loving gestures you can make. Every time we help a client compose their love letter, we see their peace of mind grow – and that’s very rewarding.”