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Insurance is always personal.

Insurance is always personal. Even when it’s material possessions that you’re protecting, loss is loss is loss. The importance of having the right kind of coverage – and enough of it – is often only clear in hindsight. With a calm, organized inventory of your assets, it becomes evident that you’ve got more to protect than you may have thought.

Today, basic insurance coverage can easily be found on the other end of an 800 number, where representatives sitting in call centers may not have the time, expertise or inclination to close all the dangerous gaps. One-size-fits-all selling is a disservice to you. So is shopping by price alone, or by the TV commercial that entertains you the most. Insurance is serious business that requires depth and range of knowledge. The Dacey team collaborates, and their pool of experience is exemplary. They’ll ask questions – and then have questions about your answers. Your Dacey agent will take the time to know you, your family and your lifestyle. And as your life situation changes, so will your coverage. We’ll make sure it’s always a perfect, comfortable fit.

Umbrella Coverage

We live in a litigious world, where lawsuits are filed almost matter-of-factly, after an accident or incident. The amounts they seek in damages are considerable, and often exceed the coverage of homeowner’s insurance. In addition, you may have exclusions that leave you not just under protected, but unprotected. Or hidden deductibles for events such as storms or sinkholes.

At Dacey, we look around corners. We ask the questions. With vision and guidance, we’ll assemble ironclad coverage that insures your property to a proper replacement value – what we call “peace of mind” coverage. That’s the kind of foresight you should expect of your insurance agent – and that’s what Dacey brings to the table every time.

Mike Dacey and his team welcome the opportunity to review your current policies, with no obligation hanging in the air. If you decide to trust us with your peace-of-mind, remember that our unwavering aim is to create relationships, rather than sales.

Ask Yourself, Then Ask Us

  • Do you know if your home coverage levels are adequate? Let us run that calculation for you to ensure you’re covered for full replacement cost.
  • Do you have a Named Storm deductible? If so, you’ll pay a lot more out of pocket for losses during a storm.
  • Were you told about optional home coverages, such as water backup, equipment breakdown and identity theft?
  • Has your agent reviewed your auto coverage with you, including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?